View towards the office from the Theo Fransman bridge


Landscape architecture and urban development

Vista is a studio for landscape architecture and urban planning, located in Amsterdam. Our enthusiastic, international team consists of landscape architects, urban planners, industrial designers, ecologists and graphic designers. Our clients are the public sector, social organizations and project developers. We work on complex spatial and social tasks and develop strategic plans for urban and rural regions. In addition, we develop design plans for concrete landscape interventions and for new public spaces such as parks, plazas, harbors and bridges.


The strength of the landscape

At Vista, we are inspired by the powerful forces that shape the landscape. These forces can be the water balance or the natural vegetation dynamics but also changes in the economy and culture. The process is just as important to us as the ultimate goal. The Dutch tradition of water management and land reclamation is an important source of inspiration. Vista is looking for sustainable, innovative solutions that result in surprising utilitarian combinations and distinct spatial qualities. We develop innovative concepts and implement them. For example, we are experimenting with peat regeneration at a chemical waste dumpsite (Volgermeerpolder) and using pumped up mine water to create an unusual water garden (Grube Reden). Vista is a leader in The Netherlands in the area of spatial innovation.


New topography

We are not afraid to create entirely new landscapes if that is what is called for. In The Netherlands, where large-scale urbanization is taking place in low-lying areas with vulnerable water management and unstable soil, this is often the only sustainable solution. We do this by submerging polders in water for the development of nature reserves and recreational areas or by raising hills for housing and underground water storage. In various plans we implement our concept of “landscape urban development,” such as living on the banks of new river arms (bypass landscape for Deventer and Zutphen) and living on new dunes on the coast (Kaap de Goede Hoek in Rotterdam).



We want to align the design of public spaces, the landscape and the living environment with the manner in which people live and experience space. As a part of our procedural approach, we involve future residents and users in the formation of our plans. We also work closely together with our clients and with other developers and specialists. This way we can create widely supported and truly integral designs which will only gain in strength with the passing of time.