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Building with Nature


Vista has been asked by the National Advisor for Environment and Water to show what Building with Nature can mean for the construction of the Northeast Corridor in Brainport Eindhoven. Through design research, we try to gain insight how Building with Nature can obtain stature. In this spatial case study we combine civil engineering with ecological aspects. 


Yifang Vista Beijing


Over the past three years, Vista has explored the Chinese market actively. Seven projects scattered over China's mainland have led to the opening of a project office in Beijing. The office is located on the edge of the Yuyuantanpark just inside the third ring of Beijing.


Windstreek at Food Film Festival 2014



Vista at IABR 2014 Urban by Nature



Clove Valley Resort Beijing under construction



Vista at the Beijing Design Week



Vista leading design sessions 'Oeverdijk'


As part of the dike reinforcement between Hoorn and Amsterdam the regional water board has proposed a new type of dike, the shoreline dike. This is a low wide dike that is placed in front of the old dike. This means the culturally and historically significant dike is spared, while a flexible and therefore sustainable new flood defence replaces its function. This is a major addition in the coastal landscape but offers many opportunities for nature and recreation while itself forming the next level of cultural history. In order to think about these proposals in the necessary depth, the province of North Holland together with experts and stakeholders has organised a series of design sessions. The result of the workshops is an inspiration book with directions of thought, constraints and ideas represented in spatial sketches. This will form the first step in the creation of integral dike design.


Oostvaardersplassen project up and running again!


Vista has been commissioned to complete the landscape design for Oostvaardersveld as ‘landscape showcase’ of the Oostvaardersplassen nature reserve. After being postponed for several years by the previous government, finance has been made ​​available for this development. The Oostvaardersplassen reserve is the much talked about flagship of the Dutch nature and the Dutch Forestry Commission aims to attract a much larger number of visitors to the area. To this aim Vista together with Olaf Gipser designed a new visitor center, positioned as a window to the landscape. This design will be finalized and implemented in the coming winter. When sufficient funds become available over the coming years, the construction of the recreational facilities and the visitor center itself will follow.

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'Light and water play' in Garden Reden


Photo: G. Wehlack

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